BulleTrain is Justified

We’ve been hard at work to get BulleTrain ready for prime time, and we think we’re finally rounding the last bend. From an art perspective, we’ve been done for a while, so I took it upon myself to design some cheeky ads to hopefully get the buzz going again on the ole BTrain. I was holding on to these for the right moment, but when I saw that the season finale episode of Justified (on FX) is named Bulletville… well I thought it was too good to be true. I love me some Justified. If Timothy Olyphant wasn’t already typecast, I would pick him to play Miles Stone without blinking. I mean the original idea for BulleTrain was loosely based on an episode of Firefly, and no disrespect to Captain tight-pants, but Raylan is much more of a bad ass. Shoot, Raylan would have put two holes in Niska and banged his daughter. I’m not sure Niska even had a daughter, or if said daughter would even be hot enough for Raylan, but you gotta think he’d do it just on principal alone. Though you have to give it to Mal when he boot kicked that Crow guy into the ship’s engine. Now I am torn…

So look for more of these ads in the coming weeks, I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them. For now it’s back to the bug fixes and tweaks. All aboard!!

~ Manny

June 7th 2010 BulletTrain

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