downsized games – better than murder.

So I’m having lunch with Andrew, basically the same thing we did almost every weekday, except this time it had been two or three days since EA shut down Pandemic Studios leaving most of us without anything to do. I don’t think it had sunk in yet, but it was strange that we finished eating… and then just sat there wondering what to do next. You can only send out so many resume’s before you need to let the job postings refresh. We started talking about how messed up the entire situation was. Over 200 people laid off, and all looking for jobs. The same jobs that we were looking for at that. It was at this point we decided that we would become hired assassins who got paid to eliminate the competition in the job market. Sure we’d have to kill some friends, but for the most part we’d get to finally put a bullet into some of those damn smug programmers and designers… not to mention those art guys who are so damn proud of their tree texture they just won’t shut up about it. Anyways, we drew up our plans (both secretly plotting to kill off the other once the cherry jobs became open) and made plans to buy some guns, and maybe make T-shirts with cool logos of a gas mask with X’s over the eyes. Luckily before the bloodshed began Ariel called me and said, “Hey, wanna make an iPhone game?” The rest, as you see, is history.

On a totally unrelated topic, did you know that you can not return a rifle or ammunition after you purchase it?


March 10th 2010 Uncategorized