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It’s the year 2124 and giant mega corporations rule the universe. Even though space travel has been achieved, the corporations still use superfast Bullet trains to deliver goods planet side (it must be cheaper, like outsourcing). This makes the Bullet-railroad barons, lead by the dastardly JR, the richest and most powerful people in the galaxy. You used to run a small shipping company on your home planet of Glendon-19 but a hostile takeover by Elaborate Acquisitions, your local B-rail corporation, has left you out on the streets. With the help of your best driver, Atal, you scrape together your last credits and outfit your transport ship/bedroom with enough weaponry to take down the corporations B-rails. It’s time to hand out the pink-slips, in blood. BulleTrain!!!!!!!!!!!


Infinity-Bot  #IB-26E

These red shirt robots did their duty as weapons of war until one day they were decommissioned abruptly. Elaborate Acquisitions quickly bought up the remaining models to serve as JR’s personal militia.

Texas Killstruments # TK-42Juan

This monstrous mustachioed machine was created by the Earthers of Texas to patrol the borders of their home lands. The machines did their job so well that large corporations started using them as personal security. Eventually no human could get a job in the protection industry, when a Juan unit was willing to do the same work at half the cost.

Huckleberry iDoc

Originally designed as a simple optometrist-bot, this model became the standard design for all androids with it’s thin frame and sleek black coat. That is until Huckleberry announced their new iDoc-2 model with the White coat, and the rest is history. Elaborate Aquisitions was late to the iDoc party and ended up using the old model’s superior vision to convert them into deadeye snipers.

Blue Sol # 80085

This model was originally created as a companion-bot by the descendants of Whe’don until it’s design was abruptly canceled. Elaborate Acquisitions purchased the remaining inventory and reversed their programming to fill their enemies full of holes.

Hung Industries – H.O.R.S.E

(Hovering Omnidirectional Robotic Sitting Equus)

This all-terrain personal transportation vehicle was developed by Hung Lo himself when he was merely a boy. By the time he graduated space college, the Hung Lo HORSE was being used by law enforcement bots and rich snobs galaxy wide. When Elaborate Aquisitions bought out Hung Indistries they changed the slogan to, “Nothing feels better than a Hung H.O.R.S.E. between your legs.” Soon after the Hung factory was shut down.

S.U.I.T.  (Sales Unit & Interactive Teller)

SUIT machines don’t actually have any intelligence, they are only good for counting money and telling employees to “add more flair.”

The Dastardly JR

The Man…