Just what are you implying?

The other night I saw an article on Kotaku, and it came with this picture.

are you threatening me?

Now, it didn’t mean much to me at first until I realized this was a promotional piece from EA for their up-and-coming rip-off Bulletstorm. Then I looked closer and I see the top left corner has a sticker that uncannily resembles the Pandemic logo, and it got me thinking. Is EA implying that this is the ground up meat of ex-Pandemic minions who would dare go up against them? I mean Bulletstorm is clearly an attempt to steal our BulleThunder (TM), are they so afraid they are trying to tenderize us? What’s the deal? I know they are scared, but really $25.99 for ground beef? Only EA could get away with charging those prices.

~ Manny

June 11th 2010 BulletTrain