Hello Kotaku!

Welcome to those of you who are visiting us for the first time because of the awesome Kotaku article posted today. It’s strange to get a text from a friend that reads “you are Kotaku famous now!” and having no idea what they are talking about. I rushed to my cell phone, that was already in my hand from reading the text, and painfully waited for the Kotaku website to load. I admit, I was a bit nervous, I thought that there might be some unfortunate pictures of me circulating from GDC. To my utter relief though, it was for BulletTrain, and we still have no idea who we talked to that gave us up. Whoever it was… THANKS!

We are hard at work ironing out the kinks, and making the game even more fun. It’s a simple concept really, but I’m surprised how much goes into making even the simplest of games. Granted, this is a new platform for all of us, but it’s been great to get our hands dirty and make art and code for our own ideas for once. For me personally it’s been a life altering experience just to draw again and see how it all comes together.

Of course, there are some comments from people who apparently take everything at face value and have no appreciation for tongue-in-cheek. It’s really sad that in this world of social networking and sexting that people still believe everything they read, unless it ends in a “winky-face” 😉 So just in case there are some FBI agents reading this blog who do not have functioning Sarcasmeters, I never had any intention of becoming a hired assassin (I can’t vouch for Andrew). Yes we were all laid off by EA. Yes it sucked. Yes it got us together and got the creative juices flowing. Yes we are having a lot of fun poking fun and making a FREAKIN’ VIDEO GAME! Lighten up already, things are too serious in the world to not enjoy dissing your boss… 😉 (/sarcasm) lol, wtf, hah-hah… sigh.

~ Manny

March 29th 2010