An epic tale of love

So, I was minding my own business and perusing the Kotaku boards this morning when I got slapped in the face by this article:

Epic unveils Bulletstorm

Bulletstorm? Really? Epic is so jealous of our success and mad shooting skills that they are jumping on the BulleTrain coat tails already? C’mon Cliffy, we know that you’re hurting right now what with your Unreal engine being slapped around by Unity3D, but this is a cheap shot. Seriously dude (huge) are we that much of a threat to you that you gotta horn in on our parade? We don’t have ANY chainsaws in our game in respect to you, but you gotta go and steal our Bullets? If there’s a giant flying space train in your game I would be expecting a call from our lawyer.

~ Manny V. (sounds much cooler than Cliffy B am I right?)

April 12th 2010